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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Php

Personal home page: PHP is a mostly used, general-purpose scripting language that was basically designed for web development to make dynamic web pages and application. PHP well suited for server-side web page development, and it usually run on a web server. Hypertext Preprocessor can also be used to create client-side GUI applications and command-line scripting.

Recent time this scripting language popularity is increasing day by day for business web development. There are several reasons behind this popularity. First reason is that, it is available free of cost, and the PHP owner provides the complete source code for users to build, customization, and extend for manage a web site. In this way, the expenditure of PHP web development decrease for PHP developers and it advantage will get Business owner.

To create a website using PHP is a very simple and not other development tool like ASP.Net and Java. The functions, methods and syntax of this scripting language simple and easy, and developer and programmer understand it easily. It is full supported with HTML. These way developers and programmers are increased, and we can hire PHP web developers in low payment for our business.

PHP contains open source and free libraries with the purpose of core build. PHP also embedded free open source database like PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL ite, LDAP servers, and others. This scripting language also supports relational database management system. It decreases the web development cost.

PHP is mostly used with Linux operating system, and it is an also open source and free for use. The development of the business website using PHP and Linux it will reduce the cost. PHP can be deployed on most web servers, many operating systems and platforms, and can be used with many relational database management systems.

PHP cannot compile the PHP source

Oct 18

Web Development – The Pioneering Idea Helping Customers

Web application development support for building web sites on the client platform, which improves security and companies improve operational excellence. Web application development is very popular and is used all over the world. It is to be processed, the web team of professionals, the demands of customers and conducts studies an innovative idea that helping business customers.

The professional web development team integrates the most powerful and sophisticated technology in the customer site, you create a web application more quickly reach global users at any time. Technologically Web Application Support update on the implementation of things faster and smoother.

It is important to web pages that require to network security and web application passwords in order to build and run safely. In this case, it is important to create websites with advanced development of Web applications, as it not only protects the user’s information, but also protects database abuse. All transaction information on secure networks that are passed to protect data loss.

A custom web design, in fact, it needs more time to develop because there is no need to integrate to find the custom applications. For this reason, the increase in the development cycle because it needs more research, and above all a clear and agency goals and expectations.

Custom web design is based on three different levels is based, namely: 1. The user process and service 2. The business process 3. Process Data

This research and innovative thinking that takes time, as each application is developed to ensure that not only to current technology works, but can also be further improved to meet the challenges of the future. A custom web process requires the voters to the resources, expertise and skills of the publication. A professional web design company guarantees the necessary budget

Oct 18

ASP NET Online Tests – Assisting Online For All the Candidates

To learn about the anything online mode is the best mode. As people know internet is the hub of various kind of knowledge. You and learns lot of education material and can fetch various data form here. Get Gyan is one of the largest online education portfolios which provide various kind of knowledge. Here you will find various tests, articles, interview tests, PPTs etc. If you are looking for ASP.NET Online Tests, then this is right place. Here you will various ASP.NET tests which you can take at free of cost. Just you need to fill our simple online registration form which requires only your name, email and password. After this procedure, you simply can meet with the ASP.NET tests. s.

ASP.NET Online Tests help you when you face any exam or interview. With the help of these tests you can make command on ASP.NET. For the beginners, these tests help you a lot. Once you apply here, you can take test in easy manner. At any time and from anywhere, you can take these tests. Here you also can leave the comment to the tests as you like or having problem with tests. So, for the candidates, now to find the tests has become easy. Here you also can find the codes onASP.NET which can help you to make a project. For the developers and candidates who are pursuing 12th, graduation and people who are in a company can take the help of this portfolio to make a project.

For learns ASP.NET Online Tests is the best mode. ASP is a technology which is used to make web apps development. This is not a programming language. Due to its amazing flexibility and using vastly, this ASP.NET Programminghas become so famous. This frame work has been becoming the

Oct 17

Web Design Edmonton, Calgary Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization Seo Company.best Graphic Design

Knock!! Knock!! Business owners & operators hunting for web design in Edmonton!
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Affordable website design and local representation is our edge in Edmonton website design and Edmonton software development service industry. One out of many key factor that sets us apart from most Edmonton web design companies.

We understand not every business has capacity of big budgets for websites; this is where our website design service model comes in to play. Be it your first Edmonton website development project or re design of your current website. Our website design services objective is based on one simple rule Clients with small budgets, no longer sacrifice quality and functionality of web technology. As expert in Edmonton custom web design we have skills of making development of a professional website affordable to everyone.

Web is also becoming a well known place to organize your business with affordable technologies in Edmonton software development commonly known as Edmonton web application development. Build intranets, internal reporting modules, customer relationship management CRM all nurturing companys future at a glance, helping business grow without budget worries.

Edmonton Logo design is your corporate identity as your business logo design have many impressions. This particular image appears on all print material such as business cards design, flyer design, brochures design, company letter head designs, banner designs etc. Corporate logo design appears on repeated number of occasion and not only on your business web design. Increasing brand awareness professional logo design is by far the most important and long lasting impression your business carries. Branding means a theme your business carry, on printing business cards, while you are printing brochures, printing flyers, printing letter heads they all need same theme. Black and white days are

Oct 17

Using Umbraco 7 To Develop An Asp.net Mvc 4 Web Applications

Organizations today are functioning in a dynamic environment. In order to meet business requirements and remain ahead of competition, companies need to build and manage complex applications so as to ensure tangible business outcomes. A feature-rich, user friendly website with excellent web designing is what makes a business exceptional. Having a great web presence is paramount to ensure good visibility and boost online sales.

One of the most plausible ways of developing a world-class website is to deploy the .Net framework. The .Net framework is easy to deploy and has a faster time to market that leads to enhanced performance. It facilitates the integration of multiple programming languages enabling the Microsoft .Net developer to choose the most suitable language to develop the application. The framework includes technologies that make applications more reliable, adaptable and safe.

However a successful website is one that employs effective content management to ensure the right amount of information is broadcast to the right audience at the right time. Umbraco is a feature rich, open source content management system built on the .Net framework. It is widely employed by organizations to organize, publish and facilitate collaborative content creation on the World Wide Web. Umbracos latest version, Umbraco 7 features all the advantages of its previous version enriched with a completely new, remarkably fast and simple user interface.

Using Umbraco 7, developers can build custom ASP.Net web applications; it has the flexibility to run anything from small static websites to complex applications for some of the largest organizations in the world. Umbraco is easy to use and develop ASP.Net MVC 4 web applications, making it perfect for Microsoft .Net developers, web page designers and content creators to build good quality web applications. Due to its popularity, it is supported by an active community that

Oct 16

Open Source Web Development Enhance you website to become an eye catcher

Since time immemorial mankind has always felt the need for effective communication among them for development. With the onset of the modern era, the benefits that have been bestowed over us, for expressing ourselves or to make our presence known to all, is the web. Nowadays almost everybody is well accustomed with the internet and aware of its huge benefits. It is the main medium of establishing connection with persons situated many miles away from each other.

Another advantage of the internet is that we can open websites to highlight any information to the whole world. So from small level shopkeepers to high level business men, have their own website so that they can reach out to the people and create awareness about their existence and objectives. To build or develop a website is much easy and can be done individually or by hiring professional help. However as days progressed the demand for highly reliable, cheap and easy method increased and this led to many new inventions in this field.ld.

Open Source Web Development is a new concept that allows everyone to develop their website and that to at a very low price and in a reliable and effective manner. So many multinational companies are hiring professional help, which are easily available all over the internet, to develop their websites by this concept. It advantages are, firstly it is inexpensive as the software can easily be found on the internet and is available free of cost. Secondly once the user has finished his work with it he can easily give it to others. Thirdly the user can change or upgrade the software according to his will or want and lastly the user is not answerable or obligated to anyone as anyone can access the programs.

Web Application Development plays a

Oct 16

About PHP Application Development Process

There are several steps in the web application development process that a developer has to carry out before providing the final web application for the customer.

Here is some elaboration about these steps:

Analysis: This step involves the evaluation and the process of defining roadmap. This clarifies the project roadmap and the future plan of the web application development. This step is very crucial because it collates the vital goals and aims in the project. This could also involve a research in which the developers could look for the best way of creating a reliable application which can also be scaled later on whenever needed.

Design & Development: This is the next phase after planning and analyzing the entire application development. When you hire PHP Developers you must be careful to ensure that the developers are skillful and swift in completing their tasks. The design and development process needs to be done with skill and in an organized manner. Inexperienced developers could many times use the most complicated code which would be difficult to update or alter later on if needed. Hence it is important that the coding is done in the most effective manner. Similarly you need good designers to handle the web designing part effectively.

Maintenance: In the maintenance phase the developer has to take care of all the things that might effect the application produced. Proper maintenance of the software is vital to ascertain to ensure that you get the most apt final product.

Testing: After the completion of the application development process testing is essential. Testing is done to decide whether the application can run well when used by the clients. During the testing phase various bugs and problems are identified in the applications. There after certain changes are made in

Oct 13

Training Institute In Kolkata Is The Right Place To Learn Joomla And WordPress

Content Management Systems (CMS) are very much in use because of their simplicity. Using them is easy to develop complicated web projects quickly and with very low cost. Reason for such a low cost of these projects is that most of them are open source and free for download and use. Learning to use these tools can help you start building sucessful career and better future because even in hard times such as recession when companies trying to save money and don’t invest much, you are able to offer top service in web development using such tools.

Such Content Management Systems are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress and all are open source and free to use. They also all support MySQL databases and using them is possible to make big database driven and dynamic websites. Many IT companies using these systems for providing web development services to their clients in the country and abroad. These systems are capable of building small personal websites and equally good big corporate websites. They offer posibilities for building websites where contents are updated daily or even many times per day such as newspaper websites, magazines, classifieds etc.

To use and learn using such systems is very easy and if you choose the right PHP training institute in Kolkata, in only a few month you will be able to start working as a web developer on projects for your first clients. Such PHP training in Kolkata will help you become highly skilled professional very fast and to master these technologies.

Acesoftech, PHP training institute in Kolkata is well known by its top quality PHP training in Kolkata. That can be your ticket for better future and successful career. Kolkata became the center of IT and demand for skilled PHP developers is huge. Becoming skilled IT

Oct 12

Configure PHP on XP Pro with IIS (Internet Information Service)

Website Design and Development

Recently, I had the rather unpleasant experience of having to reformat the hard drive on my computer, and subsequently re-install Windows XP Pro, PHP, MySQL, and a host of other programs. This turned out to be entirely worth my time investment, as it now runs like it was brand new. However, I had some difficulty with Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Service) and PHP/MySQL, so I have decided to list off the specific directions to help anyone else that may be in my predicament. If you follow these steps exactly then you shouldn’t have any issues.
My System (for comparison)
Service Pack 2
Intel Core 2 Duo @2GHz
3.25 GB RAM
1)Install Microsoft IIS onto your computer. For this step you will probably need the Windows software cd that came with your computer.
a.Go to Control Panel
b.Click on Add/Remove Windows Components
c.Check IIS, hit -Next- follow on-screen directions
2)Download PHP from . Currently I am using version 5.2.9.
a.Extract the Zipped files to C:\PHP. (PHP’s website
3)PHP 5 includes a CGI executable and a CLI executable as well as the server modules. All .dll files for PPHP can be found in the folder C:\PHP\ext
4)Add php5ts.dll to the Environmental Services PATH
a.Click on -Start-
b.Right-click on -My Computer-
c.Select -Properties-
d.Select -Advanced-
e.Select -Environmental Variables-
f.In the bottom panel, scroll to and double-click on -PATH- at the end of the statement, add -;C:\PHP- Do NOT forget the semi-colon, and do NOT change anything else!
g.Click -OK- on the Environmental Variables window and then on the System Properties window. Restart Computer.
5)Configure PHP.
a.Navigate to C:\PHP
b.Rename php.ini-recommended to php.ini and

Oct 11

What Is The Difference Between Poor, Average And Excellent Web Design

What does a professional web designing company do for your business? Is it really necessary to have an attractive and informative website? In this technologically advanced world where people rely on internet for every minute detail, having a website for business is an obvious option. Website Design Company takes every initiative to make your business popular online so that more and more visitors come and you can generate higher revenues.

Importance of search engine

Choosing a professional web designing company is important as they will understand the importance of search engine optimization which is necessary to promote business. It is found that search engines change their indexing rules quite frequently, therefore optimization technique should be adopted which will work wonders. Even in this highly fluctuating world, the relationship between web design and search engine robots should remain constant.

Search engine is known to be automated programs that can easily crawl through text and also navigate all links that are available in website. Therefore simple and easy to navigate site which is accompanied by quality content should appear to be in top position of search results.

Poor, average and excellent website

Poor design:

In poor web design, you will find that this sites are unable to communicate with visitors. They lack in implementing simple SEO friendly tactics and also do not appear to be convincing. Emphasizing on right content is necessary which these sites fail to follow.

Average site:

While talking of average website design, they are made in limited budget and so lacks in clarity. These sites can deliver content and also helps to generate leads, but what they lack is proper branding which is never a part of their designing process. They are developed of pre-designed templates which come up with limited skills and

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