May 25

Web design is dead!

Before people become too incredulous with this statement this author believes no. Web design is not dead, neither are the firms who are offering such services dead. It was something I heard recently with regard to the proliferation of blog publishing systems and with many sites offering free templates.With the apparent availability of a cheap instant web presence, is there is any need for anyone to sit down any more and learn how to create a website from scratch and all the programming and design skills that this demands, and subsequently for any business to invest in the people who offer that service? Well obviously this statement is something of an insult to all the talented designers and programmers out there, and the million of students investing time into learning these skills, and fortunately the statements are wide of the mark. Businesses do want to hire web design companies, and personally I think it’s in their interests to do so. The purpose of this article is not to simply knock creators of templates, as they are designers themselves – it is simply to suggest that there is sometimes there is an alternative, that will pay dividends in the long run.

Businesses want to cut corners, the market is tough globally – when faced with the choice of spending $5,000 on a site and less than a $100.00 for some businesses it is an easy choice. There are millions of ready to go websites out there, some are stunning, some are quite frankly not. Some are dated, some are not. But my advice to any business would be not to dive into the ‘cheap end’ immediately.

Having a professional web design company design a bespoke website will enhance your brand, it isn’t a necessarily a question of avoiding duplication, i.e

May 23

Web Design In Cardiff-best Place To Take Your Business To The Peak

Cardiff is the capital and the largest city in wales and thus the business is growing with time in Cardiff and thus with the advancement in technology online market is attracting more and more individuals to get an online presence of their business on internet so that they may cater more clients and may thus stretch the business to new dimensions.

Various small business enterpenuors are getting interested to get a website designed for their business, however the design of the website is of vital importance and thus one needs to be cautious while selecting a professional to get the website designed as the design of the website is going to reflect the image in the mind of customers or potential customers and is responsible for the amount of time the users will be spending on the webpage.

There are various companies offering web design in Cardiff and thus one can visit them to get the website designed and can get the vision executed on canvas, the best part is you can personally visit these companies as they are located locally as it becomes easy to coordinate with them and also to check and judge there professional capabilities and the procedure they follow to deliver the final product at the same time it is very easy to coordinate with them as they will be working in accordance to the clients time zone so getting hold over them is quite easy.

Companies offering web design in Cardiff are growing at a faster pace due to the emerging importance of online marketing as everyone intend to get ones business online and is trying to cater market globally, the companies offering web design in Cardiff also have expertise not only to get the website designed however to develop the website with the help

May 21

How To Get The Best Results From Web Design Company

Web designing is not an easy task especially for someone without knowledge of how to go about it. Therefore, where someone is seeking to have a website designed there are a number of web design solution to choose. It is necessary to employ the services of a professional web design company. They offer web design services ranging from designing new websites or redesigning an old site. You can outsource services from a web design company in India. This is because web design company India offers best services at reasonable and affordable prices.
Best web design company can be found in India as many most firms have the capabilities to handle design and development of websites effectively, and deliver outstanding results in good time. Not only that but they also offer excellent advice on how to improve your site. All these services are available at affordable rates.
A major issue that one would have is how to get best results from a web design company. However, this needs not be a problem when the following tips in selecting a reputable company are observed.
Checking location of an e-commerce web design company is noteworthy as better locations translate to improved technology, equipment and opportunities. Therefore, you can get best results from web design companies located in major metro areas.

Ensure to go for companies with enough contact avenues and details. This will allow you to keep contact with them during and after web design to ensure they capture all your requirements as well as offer support where need arises.

Do not just pick a company without having first checked their capabilities and reputation by reviewing their previous works and clients reviews. Many people fail to check out a web design company portfolio, which would show you work to expect.

May 19

Urban Geko A Web Design Company In California That Uniquely Integrates Online Marketing And Develop

The Internet has become a very profitable and important element in a business advertising. It is necessary that an appropriate web strategy be a part of a business marketing plans. A professional design for a business Web site is crucial in presenting a positive image for your business. An attractive Web site will not only help in promoting your business, but it will also help a business reach several potential customers that might not be aware of their services without the business web presence. Web design and site hosting has become a requirement of every business. The need for this has led to the emergence of several web design companies in California. Although Web site design was initially expensive, web design companies in California now offer affordable web design.

Forged in the world of fast-paced web development, the web design company in California Urban Geko was created. This proficient web design company in California provides award winning web design, interactive design and graphic design. Urban Geko is a web design company in California based in Newport Beach, Orange County. Urban Geko includes an integrated team of creative designers, programmers, writers, web consultants, and marketing professionals. This web design company in California is a boutique studio that offers top-notch designs at affordable rates to accommodate any budget. Urban Geko offers complete web solutions that offers and delivers client-oriented web design services. The specialized team of this web design company in California has helped customers from small businesses to large corporations build business over a short period of time. They utilize all of their abilities, including designing logos, creating different promotional materials, web design, and hosting. They offer their valued clients everything they need under one roof. Urban Geko is an interactive marketing agency that is specialized as a web design

May 19

Get Highly Dynamic Websites With PHP Development Services

Most of the business is now done online owing to quick and easy access to internet and availability of better marketing strategies. The most important task to make a promising start in ecommerce is having a good dynamic website. The more the website is dynamic and attractive, the more users will feel an inclination to visit the site repeatedly and eventually turn into buyers. Most of these websites are now built using PHP.

It is wise to hire PHP programmer to get the most amazing site built for the purpose of doing online business. As websites built in PHP have no compatibility issue with most of the popular browsers, online merchants are keen to hire developers from a reputed PHP programming company to get the best of the services and advantages from this unique tool. Various striking features of PHP help the developers to create the most eye-catching and functional website for the purpose of business within a specified time frame.

Benefits of using PHP
There are many benefits of PHP development services because PHP is most widely used and an open sourced platform. Some of the additional benefits are highlighted below.

Easy availability of online support
Has good documentation
No need of any special configuration. Apart from these, there are many other benefits like easy integration of shopping carts into the website and less maintenance requirements. Most of the e-stores now feature a shopping cart like cs-cart, zen cart etc. and easy integration facility is hence considered as a very beneficial feature of PHP development.

PHP programming seems never to get fade away due to arrival of new programming languages as websites created using PHP are doing excellent business across the world. Based on the popular C language, PHP is quite easy to learn and implement. However,

May 16

Custom Ecommerce Web Design And Related Intricacies

Planning to endorse your products online? Why not build an Ecommerce platform to showcase the same? Today, the technological evolution has turned the website designing process simple and cost-effective. That is why online vendors are inclined towards the creation of an E-commerce platform, instead of implementing the conventional techniques and strategies of marketing.

This proves the rapidly growing popularity of E-commerce web design services that are being offered by numerous web solution entities in the Web 2.0 arena. Vary from the regular online domains, Ecommerce websites are highly customized and convincing, if we contemplate the mind frame of todays discerning online shoppers and buyers.

The Ecommerce platforms retain such a mesmerizing effect that it magnetizes the targeted online traffic effortlessly and inspires them to avail the products and services that are displayed at that website. For that, the Ecommerce website designing companies ensure to craft an enticing designer outline that promises to complement the concept of the site and characteristics of the products being exhibited on the same.

Custom Ecommerce web design services are the key to success here. Hence, this is what clients must search for. There is no need to ponder the alternatives to this because the expected results wont come out. Apart from the designing, navigation is another aspect that has to be excellent. Exploring the website shouldnt be a troublesome task for the navigators otherwise it will kill the excitement that users will initially retain while crossing into the site.

All these indispensable concerns have to be considered by the website developers and designers. Thus, its vital to hire a reputed Ecommerce Web Development Company that promises excellent results and an unbeatable product, in the form of your Ecommerce website.

Clients whore in the States and need the unparalleled services of

May 16

Process Of Designing Your Website With Arizona Web Design And Phoenix Web Design

Arizona web Design and Phoenix Web Design is a renowned name in the area of web design. They have specialized people as well as the required skills that are needed for designing out class websites as per any business requirements. The reason is their focus on quality and continuous learning as technology changes and most particularly in the domain of softwares, the softwares tend to change a lot and there is always the need to keep yourself up to date with the upcoming language and softwares that are required in web designing.

With Arizona web Design and Phoenix Web Design, the process starts with taking information from customers. Customers come to them and tell them their nature of business and their requirements. They also mention their budget and the deadline that they have in order to upload their website. These things are very important to be cleared right at the very first moment in order to have a smooth process of designing the website and its deliverance. So the process starts with requirements gatherings. The complete detail of the business process is taken so as to tailor the website according to the business.

Once the detailed requirements are in hand with Arizona web Design and Phoenix Web Design, the next process starts with the demands of customer that what kind of web site they are looking for. As we know that businesses needs are changed according to the nature of the business therefore the customer demands the kind of business. Various similar related website templates are shown to the customer to choose from or alternately he or she can order his kind of website too. What so ever the process be, the website template is finalized. Then the test run is done.

Arizona web Design and Phoenix Web

May 16

Great Orange County Web Design

When you choose Orange County web design, you have a large number of choices at your command. With so much to think about with regard to your website design, Orange County CA can be a truly confusing place. For every different type of business, a great website is critical. Having a great website can be the difference between becoming a successful company and being forgotten at the first opportunity that presents itself. With so many different options available, it would be very easy to simply slip into a state of analysis paralysis. However, there are ways you can tell what you are getting before you shell out the money.

When it comes to leading website design, Orange County CA has its share of individuals who would appear to have very little idea what they are doing. However, a company that is staffed with true professionals must handle your website design Orange County CA project. You can identify a professional web design company because such a company will have a long track record of completing their projects successfully and have repeat business from clients. Another way you can tell that a company is doing well is if it has won awards. When your website design Orange County CA is on the line, you don’t want to trust it to novices.

Winning awards is not necessarily the only way to tell that a website design Orange County CA company is up to snuff. In some cases, you can see the effects of their particular website design because it helps the clients businesses grow even further. A design company should be able to work with all kinds of other businesses and create a brand or design wholly unique to each client. A small amount of talent and a willingness to put in the

May 15

Hire PHP Developers at offshore software company – OpenXcell Inc

PHP is a scripting language that is used for the purpose of web development. This language can also be written in HTML. Today, the implementation of PHP programming has become very popular with web designing companies worldwide. PHP web development serves many industries such as retail, telecom, travel and more. Clients in search of PHP based wed design can hire PHP developers on monthly or contractual basis.

Complex PHP web development calls for skilled and experienced PHP developers and hence the need for hiring a dedicated PHP developer is extremely necessary. There are many companies that provide PHP developers on hire basis. These hired PHP developers can easily communicate with the client for the project undertaken. OpenXcell is one such leading software development company who offers professional PHP developer to clients globally.

There are several benefits of hiring PHP developers. First of all, it helps in reducing cost. Secondly, it helps in increasing organizational profitability. Thirdly, it lowers operational cost with the creation of automated application development systems and lastly, there is wider technical platform assistance for PHP. Therefore, keeping this in mind these benefits, OpenXcell provides trained and experienced PHP developers on hire who are well versed in their respective fields. Our developers have extensive knowledge when it comes to PHP web integration, web design and development, PHP based e-commerce solution, CMS and CRM integration, and other software application.

So, if you would like to avail the services of hiring developers for your projects then contact us today. Our hired PHP developers offer a complete PHP web application solution and custom PHP services. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we strive to achieve it. We offer several other software developers on hire. For more information on our hire developer services do check out our website

May 14

Web File Manager ( Web Based Application To Share Files On Server) From Element-it Ltd.

HTTP Commander is a web file manager known since 2002. It’s a web file sharing and management, file upload -alternative to FTP, WebDav, Sharepoint, Novell, etc. solutions. This software is intended for fast and easy integration into web sites functionality of sharing and management files and documents at the server through a web browser over HTTP. Users can work remotely with personal or shared folders or edit documents online stored on a server.

It designed for Microsoft web servers but can be integrated to any site: PHP, ASP.NET, Unix, Windows, any CMS or without dynamic content. It is written in ASP.NET, supports all popular browsers ans OS at client side.

There is special edition: Web file manager for educational organisations (Active Directory users):
HTTP Commander is a web file manager that is really popular among a lot of educational organisations. This solution allows students and teachers to access their files remotely using only a web browser or a smartphone.
The application can be installed on the Windows server easily and the access to existing folders of the network of an educational organization (general or private folders) for the Active Directory users is provided.
Along with the main operations with files the application allows to edit documents on-line using MS Office or, and also viewing in Google Doc. There is also the integration with popular file sync and storage service
The application works in most of browsers in Windows, Mac OS and smartphones or touchpad devices.
The application works with existing file system, users and groups. No need to change NTFS permissions or make changes in ActiveDirectory to use it. Access settings for 1000+ users takes 5 minutes.
Users can choose any of 52 languages.

Our product unique features:
Integration with

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