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Affordable web design available through innovative London based web design company

The online presence of any business is as important as any feature of marketing. In some cases it has helped many businesses overcome the problems associated with the recent financial downturn. However with any form of online marketing, a website can also be a hindrance if not designed well by a professional web design company, historically this has often been prohibitively expensive, until now. A leading London based web design company are offering professional and affordable web design packages that are turning heads. The company’s website is located at

This impressive website is an excellent shop window for the talents available at this leading web design company. With a range of affordable web design options available, including their very popular 5 page website for only 149 offer, which includes domain name and web hosting for a year, this company has gone from strength to strength. The range also includes the ability to build and implement ecommerce solutions , which have taken the online community by storm. Many businesses have resurrected their fortunes by having a well designed website which sells their products and is perfectly placed to help any business with an online solution for their respective needs. With years of experience, this web design london company is able to offer a vast range of services and provide service levels that are considered second to none as well as quick turnaround times.

The website itself is an excellent example of eclectic and effervescent design principles being professionally put together to form a coherent and user friendly website. Simplicity is the key to any successful online presence and this website hits the spot. The site showcases the offers available as well as highlighting past projects within the portfolio section. For those who

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php jobs in kolkata

Choose PHP-Mysql training course and build your Career in IT Sector. Here you come, if you are from technical background (, BCA, Bsc(comp) or any other programming background) you must join us for website development training, we can provide you best php training and jobs in kolkata, non-technical guys are also welcome to us, they can also take step toward php mysql training, we can help them as well to get a right step. We also run summer training in kolkata with php-mysql programming. There is a huge market for php freshers in kolkata, once you learned, you can easily get job somewhere in kolkata or outside of kolkata (India), we are also one of big placement company in kolkata having more than 30 website development companies registered with us, they take php developers form us frequently.

PHP Jobs in kolkata:- You can easily learn PHP and get good job in kolkata or anywhere in India, doesn’t matter if you are only a php fresher, what I said, I mean that, it’s not I am trying to attract you toward php training in my institute, you can check it yourself, asking your friends, talking to your seniors, any php programmers or through with the keywords “PHP FRESHERS JOBS in KOLKATA”.

Live PHP Training Classes:- We recommend to get LIVE PROJECT experience to compete others to get a good job in php. We are not only a PHP Training Institute in kolkata but also a PHP development company (iCraft Solutions) in kolkata, provides full time PHP LIVE PROJECT experience to maximize chances for php jobs, as we believe many companies asking for live project experience from fresher.

About Me:-
Name: Md. Asif Iqbal.
Designation:- Project Manager in iCraft Solutions.
Experience: 5 yrs experience with

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Hire php And magento developer At An Affordable Cost


Today magento is considered to be one of the best ecommerce solution. It provides a complete flexible, scalable and featured solution for developing the website. One of the greatest advantage of using magento is that, developers find it easy to handle multiple store simultaneously. Magento is an open source technology, which is specially designed to enhance ecommerce website. Hire magento developer to have complete control over the outlook of the website and other internal functionality, thus helps in improving the growth of the business.

Hire well qualified and experienced magento developer to build an online store. Hire magento developer to provide a comprehensive solution. They are the right person to support the most of the features and advanced applications.

* Always hire magento developer, who are skilled enough in site management, product browsing, order payment, customer account, catalog management, analytical and reporting, etc.

* Infact the developer must be capable of providing the business with complete design and development solution. A statistics states that 60% of the business website are developed by magento.

* Magento an open source ecommerce platform helps in producing the best result. Thus ensures that, whole process are done faster with hiring the right developers.


Php hypertext preprocessor is the most popular scripting language on the web. It is an open source platform works on most of the operating system. Php helps in building up a dynamic web pages. It can easily run on most of the platform like linux, unix, windows, etc. Today, php provides the best compatible solution. Moreover the php language is very easy to learn. The main reason why business people choose php is that, due to its fast, reliable and secured solution. Thereby also provides a greater community support.

Hire php developer

Sep 20

Unconventional Web Design California Enhances Branding

A website can provide your company or business brand identity. Cookie-cutter websites no longer cut it and companies need innovative websites with high interactive appeal. Consumers respond best to fresh and original websites. After all, it is only innovation and excellent product design that interests potential customers. The same applies to web design Orange County. Today, a business virtual storefront is just as important as any on-ground retail locations. For successful web marketing, a companys website is of key importance in this competitive market.

How Urban Geko Can Help

Urban Geko is a web design Orange County company that redefines web design. This brilliant web design California company is changing the paradigms of web design in the Orange County region. California companies can vouch for the valuable products that Urban Geko has provided. The company is currently looking to expand their services and let others know the wonders they can create in web design.
At Urban Geko, ingenuity is a way of life. Unlike most web design Orange County firms that build on top of another idea, the creative concepts of Urban Geko are 100% original. Given the originality of every web design they create, Orange County firms are a buzz with Urban Gekos creative genius.

Building Graphic Assets That Communicate

Urban Gekos graphics are more than just pretty pictures. These graphics are innovative messages intricately blended in the form of artistic web design. California companies and firms from around the world need more than just contemporary web design. They need designs that are ahead of the times. Urban Geko can provide that.

What to Expect

Urban Gekos services are comfortably priced even though they surpass a larger agencys quality. Undertaking media work that cuts across platforms, the creative agency relies on innovation at every breath.

Get the latest

Sep 20

Customization of PHP Application Development

There was a time that customization of business applications was a difficult task. CRM, ERP, data mining and other business data information systems were inflexible and expensive applications. There were no web applications so database were running within a premises and each computer connected was its client. There was a need of expensive hardware and proprietary software. Maintenance was a costly affair.

Gradually time changed and popularity of opensource software increased. Most of the applications created in proprietary languages now appeared in PHP like opensource scripts, which were moving data online. Most of the businesses have recognized the importance of web applications. There were unlimited clients; low cost application development, reduced maintenance, low cost server technology, etc. made customization easy. Among the many languages PHP was capable to adapt any scale of customization so it becomes more popular among the developer community.

PHP is a dynamic pages generating language. It can be embedded into HTML with ease. PHP supports various databases like MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Solid, Generic ODBC, PostgreSQL, etc. The best aspect of PHP is that you can change functionality according to your needs. You can develop full-fledged websites with PHP. You can also develop enterprising solutions like e-commerce applications with CMS, CRM Solutions, and web calendars for communities, etc. PHP is also used for opensource integrations like OsCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, Simple Machine Forum, vBulletin, phpAdsNew, phpBB Eventum, etc. PHP is now a globally accepted script and stands fourth in position.

PHP is an opensource language therefore it is free from any license fees. You can obtain source code and customize it according to your needs. You can obtain source code that means anyone can do maintenance in the post development phase. PHP is functioning on cross platform means you can run it with any OS no problem! In

Sep 20

Web Design Templates- Cost Effective Ways of Creating Websites

The advent of internet has changed the method of shopping. Today, it is about buying through the websites. Also, for promotion, each and every company resorts to launching its websites. Even the popular celebrities are launching their domains to allow ease of connectivity with fans all over the world. The stiff competition in monopolistic market has made entrepreneurs stricter and awakened.

Business owners are always looking out for ways to gain profits. Even if it is about creating a strong web presence, they are not simply skipping the main part. For any good site the need is of an attractive design along with better coding. Also, it is to be remembered that Websites are the mirror which reflects the exact professional image of a company. Like for instance if you are a seller of books, your site must be designed in such a way that it goes well with your profession. It might be the navigation, the web pages design or other factors, all are to be considered. There are even multiple ways for creating a website. The ways are: 1. One is through custom web design 2. With the use of Web design template. However, it is completely on the enterprise on what it chooses. Before making a choice though, there are distinct features which must be known and later analyzed.

What is Custom Web Design? The Custom web designs are the one which is specifically created to match an individual needs. It is believed that through the use of this process when the websites are created, they will have unique designs, would adapt to a company’s needs and are scalable as well. What is Web Design Template? These are already created designs which help an individual easily modify and then create websites. It is believed that

Sep 19

Top 5 Dos And Don’t Of Custom Web Design

There is no industry today that does not make use of website design technology. Some of the chief mediums include websites for businesses, online bank resources, entertainment, movie and sitcom promotions, news media, and personal promotions. A website design displays the best qualities and potential of the individual or business it represents.

While a poorly designed website can repel most visitors, a professional custom web design can open a world of prospects. Some of the major dos and don’ts of custom web design include the following:

1. The Scope of Custom Web Design

Do check the scope of the website you’re designing. Keep the target o f your website clear in your mind so the most important elements stand out the most.

Don’t design sites that are heavy with content and overcrowded with links. Keep it simple. Get to the point. A successful website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

2. The Layout for Custom Web Design

Do design a website with specific requirements in mind. Use only necessary graphics or animations as the more you have on the site the longer it will take to download.

Don’t think that it takes a lot of imagery or decoration to impress visitors. People want fast information and an easy way to buy the products they need. Extra images, sounds and animations are only a distraction.

3. The Compatibility of Custom Web Design

Do make sure that any functions included in your website are compatible with the current browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Don’t upload your website to a server if it’s not compatible with most browsers. Always check the authenticity of a server before uploading your work.

4. The Documentation of Custom Web Design

Do make sure that your website contains only relevant information that gets to

Sep 19

Why it is imperative to hire a professional web design company

These days, a website is one of the most important and essential thing for any organization or business. A well designed and informative website is the only source through which you can reach to your targeted audience in a short span of time. A website is the medium through which the customers can get an idea about your products and services. Your website stand for your organization’s image, and a professionally designed web site will surely give your improve your business. In addition, a professionally built website can help you generate more profit and can expose you to thousands of new clients.

Website graphic design is an imaginative and creative process. Professional and experienced website designers work on different types of websites which often include multimedia additions. They use various instruments to minimize the loading time of websites which is important in today’s world.

In addition, a professional web design companies use web design methods in the most efficient manner. They will ensure that your website looks professional and is able to create a positive impression on your target customers. Jacksonville web design professionals understand the nature of your business and work according to your needs and requirements. A web design company will make sure that your products and services are displayed in the best possible manner and your website is able to communicate your advertising message to large number of people.

Most of the web design companies have a team of skilled and creative content developers who develop informative and useful content for your websites. They make sure that your website contains also the necessary information about your business, products and services so that your customers can buy your products and services in the future.

Sep 18

Why to go for PHP website development

If you are ruining a business and looking forward to expand it online, then just developing a website will not help your business grow. You have to make your website SEO friendly, so it can be triggered by search engines easily. You will find myriad companies, which will help you develop an elegant website and suffice you in terms of its looks. Nonetheless, high graphics and flash websites are not SEO friendly. So it becomes important to know which platform will aid in not just looking elegant but also fits SEO standards. If you consult any web development company about constructing a website for online business every company will only suggest one open source platform that is PHP.

In fact, it’s not a company you will be persuaded by to opt for PHP web development; rather it would be you who will prefer to go for PHP website development after knowing how PHP helps search engines trigger a website seamlessly. The other reason behind PHP is used extensively for the website development across the world is, it is an open source platform which meet customer’s every requirement whether it’s about the functionality or budget. PHP is the only technology that can be incorporated with other technologies to make site livelier, or to meet one’s custom need. PHP programmers find it ease working on this platform than on any other due to it easiness of compatibility, and ready framework.

Here are some of the benefits of PHP that can make you more confident, why you should go for PHP:

>> It can be integrated easily with different dynamic visual applications.

>> The graphical PHP library allows you to create some of the excellent graphic effects or can modify the design.

>> PHP is compatible with many

Sep 17

Advantages Of Development And Importance Of Hire Developer

There are many web technologies available for web development but among them ASP.Net is one of the successful technologies used in the recent era. ASP.Net is one of the most popular and advantageous platforms for web development along with PHP. Dot Net Programmer uses it to build from e-commerce sites to web portals and other significant websites that are known for functional superiority. ASP.Net technology can be used to develop any small applications to enterprise level websites at a faster pace.

Benefits of Development in ASP.NET:
High speed of development
Well known platform to build Dynamic websites that are safe and secure
Availability of cross-platform migration
Provides easy interaction between applications working in different environments
Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library
Relatively short learning curve for developers

Benefits of Advanced Features of ASP.Net Development Platform:

Windows Communication Foundation for Service oriented application development
Windows Presentation Foundation for UI system
API for user interfaces, documents and media
All these advanced features of ASP.Net development helps to develop rich interfaces, increase user experience and provide better reliability to effectively deal with wide range of business applications

As ASP.Net development services can act as an integral part in the development of any business application development, thus a service called Hire ASP.Net Developer is the best option for obtaining ASP.Net applications for both individuals and business houses.

Let us have a look at Advantages of Hire ASP.Net Developer:

You can choose or rather hire ASP.Net developer after an interview with the .Net Coder
No Start up Fee or Perks or Bonus as such to be specially given for dedicated Dot Net Programmer
Third Party Rights and Source Code Authentications belong to you
Hire ASP.Net developer with variable hiring

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